Sunday, 18 January 2015

My Photo a Day January 2015, Week Three

Enjoy my take on Week Three of the Photo a Day Challenge for January.
The prompt of the day is in red, the photo and description is my take on the prompt!

My fruit bowl is pretty bright - the Clementine's too!

 Favourite Number
The number 8 is associated with prosperity and confidence in Chinese culture. 
Pronounced 'Ba' in Chinese it sounds similar to the word for fortune. 
The 2008 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony was started at 8:08pm.

I like to try new recipes, fingers crossed this one works tonight!
(P.S. Spinach and Chicken Cannelloni was good) 

Love my Antique Chinese Wedding basket, made in 1928.
The tiered baskets made of wood and bamboo were hand painted.
They were stuffed with treats for the wedding party and carried to the wedding.


Beautiful nature provides us with so much.

Love how the Morris dancers in England jump as part of their
traditional folk dance.

Today is...
Throw the dog a ball day!!!
Actually...every day is throw the dog a ball day!!
Actually...every hour is throw the dog a ball hour...

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