Sunday, 4 January 2015

My Photo a Day January 2015, Week One

The 'Photo a Day' challenge has gone from a monthly list to weekly, Monday to Sunday.
Here is my take on the prompts for this first, short week.

The daily prompt is listed in red, the photo is my take on the prompt
and my description is under the photo!

Blue sky and snow, in the forest, Frankfurt, Germany

I was really going to try and take my photo on the day, every day... 
but today we have heavy fog which is only getting heavier.
This sky is from two days ago, the brightest blue sky we have had in a while!

Fog in the forest, Frankfurt, Germany

A photo of my 'sky' on the day!

Sculpted pineapples, street food, Shanghai, China

I love this photo of the sculpted yellow pineapples in yellow bags!
They are part of summer in Shanghai. When I saw the 'Yellow' prompt I knew I had
to reach into my archive today.

Yellow Roses

A photo of yellow roses I actually took on the day.


We have snow again today!
A little snow makes the cold winter a little easier for this Aussie to handle.
I also realised it is quite hard to publish a 'selfie'...and that I really need a haircut!

Clear Blue sky day in the snow, Frankfurt, Germany 2015

I hear...
...softened sounds, muffled by the freshly fallen snow.
I hear snow crunching under my feet.
Birds chirping as they wheel around the sky in joy, in clear, fresh air.
The occasional rumble as snow falls from the high branches and tumbles to the ground.
I hear the sounds of forest magic!

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