Sunday, 11 January 2015

My Photo a Day January 2015, Week Two

Enjoy my take on this week!
The daily prompt is listed in red, the photo is my take on the prompt 
and my description is under the photo!

5 January
Weisser Schwan, Heidelberg, Germany
 Square -  The square windows of the beer museum in Heidelberg, Germany. 
My husband would like to do a fair bit of research in this museum!

6 January
The Old Bridge, Heidelberg, Germany
Round - Round wheels, round bridge arches, round sign, round bike lock!

 7 January
Border Collie reading Footrot Flats
Currently reading - Ralph is currently researching one of his fellow Border Collie's.... 
'Dog' from Footrot Flats, they are very alike!

8 January
Seasons in the Forest, Frankfurt, Germany
Landscape - Why do these prompts always coincide with horrible weather?
(It was a stormy, wet day, not ideal for landscape photography) 
Here is my landscape in collage, same spot, different season, different zooms. 
Snowy one taken last week.

Swan River Skyline, Perth, Western Australia
My favourite landscape, my home town of Perth, Western Australia taken July 2012

 9 January
Half Timbered House, Hofheim, Germany
Pattern - Love the patterns of the Half Timbered houses in Germany. 
They were built this way as timber was expensive. The frame was made in timber 
and then filled in with plaster and smaller sticks.
They realised you could make attractive patterns with the wood and plaster
so the became quite intricate.

10 January
Aussie Icons
Hello - I can't wait to go home to Australia in July and say Hello 
to family and friends in Person!

11 January
Border Collie and his ball
I see - I was trying to see some forest birds in our tree... 
I had hung lots of food to encourage them...
but all I saw was Ralph wanting his ball thrown!

Slightly out of focus...the only bird I managed to 'capture' before Ralph joined me!

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