Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Life after Shanghai, three years on...we still miss it!

We arrived to live in Shanghai on 16 May 2008, 
we planned on being there for one year and ended up staying for four.
We spent our final day on 16 June 2012, a day spent with friends, making last minute memories,
eating at our favourite Uighur restaurant for the final time...after weeks of 'last times'.

So hard to believe that was three years ago today. 
So much has happened, many more memories and friends made.
Adventures and the discovery of new cultures and places.
Two more countries lived in ...time has moved on.

But we still miss Shanghai and I have come to realise that this will never go away.
Times change, we have moved on and grown, as has the city of Shanghai. 
None of us will ever be the same again. That time of our lives never to be replicated.
Shanghai will always have a piece of our hearts, fond memories of fabulous times.
Wonderful friends now scattered near and far.

 Thanks for the memories Shanghai!

Avocado Lady, Shanghai China

Ahhh...Avocado Lady had just started selling Avocados when I arrived,
when I left she was a mini supermarket giving all the big supermarkets a run for their money! 
Want a vital ingredient that can't be found in Shanghai, 
visit Avocado lady and she will find it for you...even a Goose for Christmas dinner!

Wicker Chair seller, Shanghai, China

As Spring makes way for Summer, the wicker chair guys would appear on the streets.

Birds on the streets, Shanghai, China

The birds get hung out to enjoy some fresh air.

CNY, Xujiahui, Shanghai, China

Shanghai has forever spoilt fireworks for me, nothing like sitting on your balcony and watching 
your very own fireworks display.

Recycle Guy, Xujiahui, Shanghai, China

Local people became part of my everyday life, this guy always had a massive load on his bicycle.
He was the master of balance and always had a big smile for me.

The Pearl Tower, Shanghai, China

The iconic Pearl Tower, love it from any angle!

Robyn's Shanghai Napper

Miss my Shanghai Nappers still!

Fruit Stall, Shanghai, China

The taste of fresh, seasonal fruits.

5 star taxi, Shanghai, China

The absolute joy of jumping in a taxi and finding it has FIVE stars!!!

Plane Trees, Former French Concession, Shanghai, China

The Plane trees of the Former French Concession, a delight in any season.

Street Food, Muslim Market, Shanghai, China

Oh how I miss the delightful street foods, joy on the taste buds!

Fish on wheels, Shanghai, China

Want something...you are sure to find it on a tricycle somewhere in Shanghai!

Panda, Shanghai, China

No time to be melancholy, new adventures and exciting times await, 
but it is great to look back and relive those moments in a special time of our lives.

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  1. We visited Shanghai in 2010 at the height of the crowds for the Expo and National Day. It was a very interesting place though a bit crowded. I really enjoyed the soup dumplings. Wish I could easily find those here.