Sunday, 14 June 2015

Photo a Day in June Week 2, more memories of our expat adventure

My month of archive shots continues, which is not as easy as I first thought. 
We have been on so many wonderful adventures since 2008, 
it is wonderful to go back in time and remember places we have been, 
memories we have made and things we have done.
The prompt for the day is in red, the photo and description is my take on the prompt, 
come for a walk down my memory lane!

Pearl Tower, Shanghai
Urban Geometry
The Pearl Tower of Shanghai reflected in the Panorama hotel windows!

Noodle Guy, Shanghai, China
A smile is understood in any language or culture. A smile can make someone's day, 
lift spirits and break barriers. My "Street food noodle guy" always had a smile so big it 
crinkled his nose...I am sure his noodles were the best in Shanghai
 because he smiled when he cooked for you.

When you live far away from your home country, you miss many milestones. 
Birthdays, celebrations ....and some loss.
My friend lost her 4 year old son to a brain tumour while we have been away. 
We could not be there to celebrate Harvey's courageous short life with the family and friends, 
so we sent some brave lion coloured balloons up to heaven for him from England.

Karst Mountains, Yongshou, China
The beautiful, jagged limestone mountains of Yangshou, China.

Robyn in Shanghai, China
Forced Perspective
I always forced my visitors to Shanghai to stand in the right spot and have the top of the 
Westin Hotel become a crown. In the interests of privacy, here is one of me 
from husband made my crown crooked!

Stonehenge, England
The were pretty clever in prehistoric times...How did they get those stones up there???
Stonehenge, May 2013

The beautiful city of Prague
Within my reach
I have so many beautiful, historical and interesting places in Europe within my reach for the next six months. I plan to reach as many as possible before we head home to the most isolated, but beautiful city of Perth, Western Australia. We can drive to France in two hours here in Frankfurt, 
it takes two days or more to reach another state in Australia from Perth!

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  1. Enjoying your photographs. So you have 6 months before you're transplanted back to Perth.