Sunday, 7 June 2015

Photo a Day June Week 1, a trip down memory lane!

I usually try and take my daily photo on the day of the prompt and avoid using archive shots 
where possible. This month is a busy one for my family, end of year exams for the girls, 
scheduling our upcoming move and starting the great de clutter.
So June will be my month of archive only shots. I have many folders that 
need to be catalogued and sorted, using archive shots will force me into actually doing it.
Photo a Day + photo sorting  = two birds, one stone!
The prompt of the day in red, the photo and description is my take on the prompt.

Swan River, Perth, Western Australia
This is Where....
This is where.... I married my long lost love, a month before our move to Shanghai as a 
new family. Beginning our new lives together on an expat adventure. 
I look forward to moving home and walking around the Swan River again.

Snow in the forest, Hofheim, Germany
Leading Lines
Seems my archives are full of leading lines, so hard to choose but I have to go with my fave 
spot in my forest, taken 27 December 2014, we were two days away from having
 our first White Christmas, close enough!!!

Miao Minority Festival, Langde, China
Generations of Miao Minority people in Langde, China have taken part in this ancient ritual.
One by one the people of the village join the dance, an ever increasing group of villagers
spiral around the village totem. All the villagers are included, from babies to the elderly.
Magical to watch.

The Bund, Shanghai, China
The biggest barrier we have had over the last few years hsa been the language barrier. 
In China there was no way we could read some of the signs, lucky some had English on them 
or I may have gone striding into the Huang Pu River.
In Germany Google Translate is my friend. Even in England I had a few language 
misunderstandings. Don't tell an English lady that you like her 'pants'.
I am also very good at charades too and smiling is common to all languages and cultures, 
breaks down the barriers in no time!

The Bund at sunrise, November 2012, Shanghai, China
The evolution of Shanghai is ongoing and rapid. We watched the tallest building, 
known locally as 'The Bottle Opener' go up in our four years there. 
The building on the right was fast catching up when we left.
Buildings come and go, lives change, people move on, locals and expats alike, 
constant evolution. I certainly evolved in my time there.

Sunset, Cavtat, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Bucket Listed
I have been lucky to cross a few places off my 'Bucket List'!
The most rewarding so far, was finally making it to Croatia
It far exceeded my expectations, what an incredible place, so so beautiful.
Crystal clear water, amazing scenery and incredible history...not to mention the fresh sea food 
and friendly locals. I need to go back!
Why is it that my 'Bucket List' gets longer and not shorter??? 

Stari Most Bridge, Mostar, Bosnia
I was inspired by the Stari Most bridge in Bosnia. The old city of Mostar, divided by the 
crystal clear Neretva River, has long been a place of unity, with different religious and
ethnic communities living in harmony.
With Christians mainly on the right side of the river and Muslims on the left, the Stari Most
bridge united the two communities. The bridge was destroyed during the war in 1993 but 
has been rebuilt using the original stone collected from the river bed. 
Mostar has been bought back to life, the mosques and crosses once again dot the landscape.
The colourful and vibrant bazaar linking the two sides of the river once more.

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