Saturday, 15 September 2012


When you move from a vibrant city of over 23 million people in China to a picturesque country village of just under 5000 people in England there is bound to be a bit of culture shock. Some things are vastly different, some surprisingly similar.

We had a large three level apartment on the 29th floor in Shanghai with incredible views over the city, albeit with a layer of smog. High rise buildings from horizon to horizon, construction was continuous, the skyline changed weekly. We overlooked a construction site when we left Shanghai, no need for an alarm clock as the workers started up at 6am, drilling, bashing, screeching.

The ground level view from our apartment in Shanghai just before we left.

We moved into a two level, much smaller home in the UK. I am still trying to find places for and squash in all our belongings. It is a losing battle. The environment has changed substantially. We are now woken by pigeons nesting near our bedroom window. We have a wonderful field behind us. The air is fresh, the skies are blue...well...when it isn't raining...but we are in the UK!

The field behind our new home in the UK

Shanghai is full of markets, there is a market for anything imaginable...antique market...yep sure...there are several. The authenticity of the goods are questionable, but great for a stroll and you never know when you will unearth something unique. You can sometimes see stallholders rubbing ash or dirt into the 'antiques' to make them look as old as they are meant to be.

Outdoor  Antique market Shanghai style

You can find a few treasures at the local car boot sale in the UK. Toby jugs, antique sewing machines and old prams. Vintage tennis racquets with wooden frames, the authenticity here possibly more genuine than those at the Shanghai 'antique' market.

Car boot sale in the UK

Children are the same worldwide. They have no idea of the politics of the world. They will just see another child, they don't see race, disability, status. At a market anywhere in the world, kids will be kids, playing with whatever they can get their hands on, eating whatever snacks come their way. Watching and learning from the life happening around them.

Kids watching the world go by in a street market Shanghai

Children are innocent, free to enjoy the moment without the worry of the future, whatever nationality, no discrimination or preconceived ideas.  So good to see kids being kids, in China, in the UK, wherever in the world, regardless of background just having fun!

Little girl with her prize purchases at a car boot sale UK
It's going to be fun to discover all the other differences between life in the UK, China and even Australia.

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