Saturday, 1 September 2012

New beginnings

Six weeks today we arrived in our new home town in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom ready for new horizons. It has been a long road here, with many other options being opened and then closed to us over the last 8 months or so. In March it was finally decided that my husband was to return to his job at the head office in the UK so we began the process of moving country again. Visas, relocation agents, shipping, schools, housing became a priority. We began the process of leaving my beloved Shanghai and onto greener pastures....literally!

We began our lives together in Shanghai, China in May 2008 after a fairytale romance ...more on that later! It was scary and exciting to move with my beautiful girls from sunny Western Australia to such a huge and cosmopolitan city as Shanghai. A huge life change but I loved it and blossomed there. One year turned to two, then three, then four. Many happy times and adventures, as a family and with the wonderful friends we made there. It was so very hard to say our goodbyes to our life in China, fabulous   lifestyle, amazing country and friends who had become our family. Everyone’s time must end and our time had come. After many tearful goodbyes and “we’ll see you later’s”, we went home to Western Australia for our UK visas to be processed. Special times with friends and family, before we started our new life. Then more farewells before we finally started our new life journey.

We arrived in the UK a month earlier than expected. Well done UK Border Agency! In time for the 2012 Olympics, our new home in Buckinghamshire was ready and waiting for us. The last six weeks has been a whirlwind of finding our way around, settling in, our shipping from Shanghai finally arriving, new puppy, schools and a few adventures thrown in. We all look forward to many exciting times and welcome you along for the time of our lives.

The time has come to farewell Shanghai and all her adventures

and welcome new adventures and life in the United Kingdom!


  1. Great to see you bite the bullet and start a blog, considering your jet setting lifestyle and photographic talents. My husband was born in Aylesbury and grew up in Tring so can't wait to see the pics, as we haven't been over since 2006. x

    1. Thanks...thought it was about time I kept a record of our adventures and it's a great way to stay in touch. Aylesbury is close by...go in a few times a week. Will plan an adventure in Tring and take some pics for you!

  2. Great title! Can't WAIT to hear about the adventures, past and present. xxxx

  3. Thanks..can't wait to go on a few more adventures, love reading about your travels xxxx