Thursday, 6 September 2012

Back to School

After finishing school in Shanghai on June 15, spending a month in Australia while our UK visas were processed then six weeks settling into UK life...the long summer holiday is over and my girls returned to school today. I was worried, new school, new country. They drove me mad at times during the three months they had off, I was counting down the days until they started school....then spent the day missing them. The puppy missed them. The puppy and I waited anxiously at the school gate for them, ready to console and hug. Happy faces turned the corner. They both had a great day, such a relief, both chatting non stop all the way home. Made my heart sing and bought tears of joy to my eyes. The last piece of the relocation puzzle in place, my girls happy at school

Now that's my kind of back to school wine! I think I'm going to like living here :)


  1. Yippee!! Wine is a great idea. Why don't more schools do that??

  2. Our Shanghai school had a wine vendor at market days...have a wine while you waited for the girls...perfect! They also had wine at school performances!