Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The fair comes to town

We have had a busy few weeks with the girls starting school, my husband, The Kiwi being back in Shanghai on business and me getting into a routine. I'm still settling in, finding my way, trying to find a place for everything and spending as much time as possible soaking up the beautiful weather we have been having...while it lasts. The dog and I have spent many hours exploring the streets of our village and beyond.

A field the dog and I discovered

We had big plans for the past weekend, a family road trip in our new car, a fair in the neighboring town, country pubs to check out. Unfortunately the tweenager came down with a dreadful lurgy and we spent most of the weekend close to home. The girls kept telling us that our village was having it's own fair on Monday evening, though with no advertising we didn't really think so. Monday morning came and lo and behold the fair started moving in, the lurgy had moved on, the skies cleared so we headed down to check it out.

The crowds are gathering

A fair is not complete without fairy floss and happy kids on rides

The whole village seemed to turn out for the yearly fair. Children squealing with delight at the rides and enjoying sticks of fairy floss. Was fabulous to see our normally quiet village come alive with people and colour. The ducks from the pond were in hiding with plastic penguins and yellow ducks that you pluck from the water for a prize, taking their place. The bright lights looked remarkable with the old Norman Church in the background. A fun atmosphere for all. The Teen and the Tween were hinting that having us around was a more than a little embarrassing ...now that they have friends in town. We made ourselves scarce for a while and enjoyed a rare bit of time to ourselves...and headed to the pub that just happened to be in the middle of the action for a quiet pint together. We then all headed home happy to have rounded off the weekend with some fun and a little family time.


A family heading home after a night of fun

I'm slowly getting a taste for an English pint!

The normally quiet streets filled with fun

Love the bright lights against the old church with the moon high in the sky.

The new day dawned and an early morning dog walk revealed the village back to it's quiet and peaceful self. No sign of the fair the evening before. Could have been a dream if not for the pail of leftover fairy floss in the kitchen this morning!

Morning dawns, peace has returned and the ducks are happy!


  1. Don't they do a good job of cleaning up. Say hi to the girls for me.

  2. Girls say hi back! There was no sign of the fair in the morning, not even one discarded drink bottle! The lawn had even been mowed!