Sunday, 9 August 2015

Photo a Day - August already!!! Week One

This year is flying by at an astonishing rate, hard to believe it is August already.
The countdown for our move home is on, with so much to fit in before we leave our 
lives in Europe and move back to Western Australia.

The prompt of the day is in red, the photo and description is my take on the prompt!
Enjoy my first week in August!

Many people enjoy walking the ancient city walls of Dubrovnik.
Incredible history and spectacular scenery!

There is something quite special when you see the White Cliffs of Dover, 
marking the land of England after crossing the Channel. I hadn't been back to England since 
October 2014, it felt like I was home.
I didn't see any bluebirds...plenty of seagulls though!

Femininity, the quality of being female. So hard to depict in a single shot. 
I like flowers in my home, I am more likely to drink coffee out of a mug than have a cup of tea, 
I rarely wear pink, often wear jeans but I like to be feminine occasionally.

The temptation of a Terry's chocolate orange is hard to resist, 
who can stop at one segment? It counts as fruit right?

On the water
Kayaks on the water in Dubrovnik.

Ice Cold
Was Ice Cold in my forest in December, a little different to today where we have 36C

The same spot 6 August 2015...36C!

On the edge
My daughter, on the edge of childhood, moving too fast into adulthood. 
On the edge of new beginnings, scared and excited.
Have enjoyed a week of just the two of us, tightening the Mother/Daughter bond.
She is also on the edge of the Rhine!

The is nothing more primal than a Mother's love. 
I never understood how much my Mum loved me until I had a child of my own. 
I would do anything for my girls and would give anything for another chat with my Mum. 
Seventeen years ago today that my Mum left us, the primal instinct is strong today.

There is nothing as magical as the pastel colours of Spring after a long, cold dark Winter!


  1. These are SUCH cool prompts for a photo a day!

    1. Thanks Emma, there are some pretty cool prompts coming up too!