Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Travel Contrasts Beach or Culture, you can have both!

We all have those family discussions at holiday planning time, where to go, what to see! 
Do we sit by the pool or beach with a cocktail in hand or to we put on the 
walking shoes and immerse ourselves in some culture and history?
Swim or museum? Tour or tapas? Sand or cobblestones?

My little family found the perfect travel destination that caters for all.
Beach and culture. Lazy days and history lessons.
Contrasting holidays rolled into one.

We went to Dubrovnik!

A UNESCO World Heritage Site
Described by George Bernard Shaw as "The Pearl of the Adriatic" and 
"Those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik", 
It is a beautiful city that will have something for everyone.

The guides that lead the walking tours of the city wall, provide a wealth of interesting history, 
from as far back as the 7th Century to the recent shelling by the Serbs in 1991/92 
which lasted for seven long months.

City Wall,Dubrovnik, Croatia

City Wall,Dubrovnik, Croatia

City Wall,Dubrovnik, Croatia

City Wall,Dubrovnik, Croatia

The cable car ride to the top of Mount Srdj shows spectacular views of the city below.
The Homeland War museum on Mount Srdj, in the fort built between 1806 -1812 
and defended by the locals in the homeland war is well worth a visit. 
To learn of the very recent history and how Dubrovnik has moved onwards and upwards is inspiring.
The fort is also a pretty nice spot to watch the sun set over the city!

Old Town, Dubrovnik, Croatia

The European Wall of China, built between Ston and Mali Ston to protect the salt pans 
that are still working to this day, a historic walk with fabulous views. 
Best to wake teenagers for an early start...
it gets pretty hot up there at midday, trust me...I know!

The Wall of Ston, Mali Ston, Croatia

After walking the Walls of Ston, refresh with a swim in Mali Ston, crystal clear waters,  
then indulge in the freshest, most delicious oysters on the planet at a local restaurant!

Mali Ston, Croatia

In and around Dubrovnik there are bays to walk, boats to hire, views to gaze at, 
clear water to swim in, fabulous food to eat and pretty impressive local wines to drink.

Lapad Bay, Dubrovnik, Croatia


Cavtat Bay, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Lapad Bay, Dubrovnik, Croatia

The sun set is spectacular, whether you have had a day full of history and culture, 
or a day on the beach sipping a pina colada...or even a bit of both!

Cavtat Bay, Dubrovnik, Croatia


  1. I've honestly never considered Dubrovnik, but with weather as beautiful as that I'm in!!

    1. Oh Emma, beautiful weather, amazing scenery and incredible history, Dubrovnik...and Croatia should be at the top of everyone's travel list. I had high expectations...Croatia far exceeded them!

  2. proof you can have it all, and that 'it all' is gorgeous

    1. Anna, you can have it little family has been fortunate to travel to some incredible places, our two weeks in Dubrovnik is tied for first place as the best holiday yet. Something for everyone!

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