Saturday, 22 August 2015

Photo a day - August, time is marching on!

We have had a crazy busy few weeks with travel for business and pleasure.
We have clocked up some miles in the car and in the air.
At one stage we were spread over three different countries and time zones.
We celebrated a birthday, caught up with friends and family, ate well, sampled local produce,
visited some beautiful places and enjoyed the last of our Summer break.
I am playing catch up with my photos a day, enjoy some of our recent travels!

The prompt of the day is in red, the photo and description is my take on the prompt.

Mort Subite, Belgian Beer, Brussels
I did not think I would find anything sour on the 10th of August, my daughters 17th birthday.
The day she came into our lives was the sweetest.
We took her to Brussels, stopped for a big bowl of mussels and my husband had this 
Belgian was very sour...and he loved it!

M25, Heathrow, England
Perfect day for this prompt, we were up at 5.30am, travelled over 800 km from Belgium, 
through France, over to England on the ferry, up to Oxfordshire, then over to Devon by 7.30pm.
Not the sharpest shot but we were going about 70mph...I was not driving!

Macarons, Brussels, Belgium
Mixed Up
The flavours of these Macarons were all mixed up!

Saint Catherine's church, Brussels Belgium
The precision in the windows of Saint Catherine's church in Brussels is incredible!

Country Lane, North Devon
We had to be very cautious driving down windy, one lane country roads in the rain in Devon. We were on our way to meet a friend but our 1.5 hour trip turned into a 3 hour trip and we weren't even half way there so had to abandon our plans.

Exmoor ponies, Exmoor National Park, North Devon
The places I've been
I have been fortunate to have 'been' a few places was the Exmoor National Park in North Devon with the Exmoor ponies wandering around...stunning!

Sporty Ferrari

We were on the road all day, this was as sporty as it got...a nice sporty Ferrari parked next to us at the motorway services! Still catching up!

Bee and flower, Hughendon Manor, Buckinghamshire
A quick snapshot of a bee on a flower at Hughendon Manor, Buckinghamshire.

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  1. You are zipping around that continent. Nice photos!